Our Story

Our Story

Montreal has a rich sports history and a proud, winning hockey tradition. The first organized hockey for women was played in Montreal and the sport has a storied history in our city. Les Canadiennes was a team that actually existed in the 1930s. It was one of the first French-Canadian women’s hockey teams in Quebec, made up entirely of Francophone players. They had a pretty fierce rivalry with the English team, the Montreal Maroons, that mirrored the one between the Habs and Maroons during that era. Those women were strong female role models and pioneers of the sport in the province, the same way Les Canadiennes are now for the little girls who follow in our footsteps. The name honours that tradition.

Fans, players, and teams that represent our great city share a passion for excellence and a love of tough sports. As a result, the area’s youth players, teams, and leagues have nurtured hundreds of student-athletes en route to premier university and college programs, the Women’s National Team and international hockey ventures. 

To support our most outstanding female hockey players after their university careers and outside of National team play, the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) was born. Today, fans have the opportunity to watch our most talented female athletes and role-models all season long, as they proudly represent this city!

The current incarnation of Les Canadiennes (originally Stars de Montreal) was born in 2007 with the formation of the CWHL. The Stars’ captain Lisa-Marie Breton-Lebreux was one of the enterprising players that helped women’s hockey rebound from the demise of the NWHL.

The victors of four Clarkson Cups (2009, 2011, 2012, 2017), Les Canadiennes are known for their formidable roster that consists of Olympians, national team hopefuls and ex-college stars. Current and former players, Caroline Ouellette, Marie-Philip Poulin, Charline Labonte, Julie Chu, Kim St-Pierre, Sarah Vaillancourt, Catherine Ward, Meghan Agosta and Haley Irwin, who became household names at the Olympics.

As we launch the 2017-18 season, Les Canadiennes will look to defend our Clarkson Cup title, and continue our steadfast promotion of girls and women’s hockey and our commitment to community, fitness and well-being.