Les Canadiennes aim to lead the league and become a model organization, both on and off the ice. Our goal is to inspire each other, our youth, and our fans, by successfully drawing together the most sophisticated and talented constellation of players in the game today to foster a club with the chemistry and tenacity to win championships.

We hope to energize our community through our philanthropic efforts and devote ourselves to playing hockey artfully and embody the wholistic discipline, fitness, toughness and teamwork it takes to enjoy the game and excel at it.

We envision a professional hockey league for women, and are working together to build it.
Les Canadiennes are committed to supporting players and bringing Montreal a team:

  • Respected for its outstanding play and determination
  • Fans love to watch and support
  • Builds on our city’s rich and winning sports heritage
  • Inspires modern day heroes and role models
  • Gives back to our community
  • Supports and develps youth hockey communities and initiatives
  • Makes our partners and sponsors proud